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Advertising your business however big or small

Most businesses rely on it. Most of the general public loathes it. Advertising that is. No matter where you go or what you do there?s no escape. So as a business how do you strike that all important balance?

You might well ask. If you?re a parent you?ll know only too well how your little darlings are being targeted by big business. Especially in the run up to Christmas. Of course they?ll want the latest ?must have?. That?s the whole idea of it.

By creating a market for what they?re selling, they?re insuring the money keeps rolling in. And out of your pocket. There?re many arguments about the kind of inflated hype they employ to influence what people want. Young or old, you can be sure you?re in their sights.

But if you?re running a small scale business it?s usually a necessary part of becoming known. Especially if it?s on the web. Although you might wonder how you could possibly compete with the massive advertising budgets used by the big companies.

The answer is you probably can?t. But that?s no excuse to give up. You just have to think of ways to do the job in the best way you can. By offering things they can?t.

You should know who your target audience is likely to be. You can put more care and effort into them than the saturation bombardment some others have to go for. Because your customer base is likely to be smaller, you can personalise it in a way they can only dream of.

If you listen to complaints people have about other companies, one of the major ones is customer service. Or rather the lack of it. How hard it is trying to get hold of anyone to speak to. Or how long they?ve had to hold the line in order to get connected to the right department. To name but two.

You might not have the luxury of call centres at your disposal, but what you will have is a willingness to be there if needed. And the chance of interacting with your customers directly. Something that?s priceless in these days of hectic lifestyles and short fuses.

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