Managing your online presence so you don?t have to

Need a freelance content manager in a hurry? Want to cover holiday or leave of absence? Need help managing a growing website?

A content manager is someone who oversees both the day to day running of a website and the longer-term content strategy. As a freelance content manager I am experienced in managing websites, providing top quality web content, managing social media channels and working with ghost and guest writers, staff writers and editors.

Working with Coastal Content means you work with someone who has managed WordPress and Joomla websites for over a decade. Someone who can create compelling web content, edit and publish on your behalf. You also get someone who knows how CMS work and how to manage and troubleshoot websites. All these skills I will utilise on your behalf.

You can hire me for the day, week, month or longer. I can work without supervision and always deliver. It’s all part of the service!

As an experienced content manager I can:

  • Perform any role in the running and maintenance of your website
  • Liaise with editing, marketing and SEO teams to plan and develop site content, style and appearance
  • Create compelling web content on all kinds of subjects
  • Edit content and enforce standards
  • Use web content management systems to publish content
  • Manage website users, guest writers and editors
  • Proactively monitor and handle website technical issues

Hire your freelance content manager today!

Get help when you need it most with an experienced, reliable freelance content manager.

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