Has your Cornish business embraced blogging?

It isn?t just a fad or an excuse for self indulgence. Although some of them are just that of course. Blogging can also help your business. Especially if you live in parts of the country where it might be difficult to get noticed any other way.

Cornish businesses could well find they might as well be at the end of the earth as far as some people are concerned. Which of course isn?t the case. Writing a blog will show them they couldn’t be more wrong.

As with any other aspect of online business you want it to be read. It?s another way of people getting to know you and what you do. That?s why it?s important to get both the tone and content right.

No doubt you?ve done all the research needed to make your copy effective. Doing the same with blogs is a good way to give you an idea of what works. And more importantly, what doesn?t.

It?s best to be clear with the content. Otherwise it can lead to confusion. That?s not to say you have to repeat yourself endlessly. Or never stray from the subject in hand.

You can be as imaginative and diverse as you choose to be. As long as it isn?t misleading or make people wonder what you?re trying to do. Unless it?s also vastly entertaining, they won?t stick around if it gives the impression it?s not of interest to them.

The tone should be friendly and informal. It?s your chance to interact with people in a way you can?t always do with copy. You can let your personality shine through without detracting from the more serious side of your business. With humour for instance.

The more original and lively your blogs are the more likely people are to come back and see what else you?ve done. But only if you keep it fresh with frequent posts. No one wants to simply read the same thing over again.
It also shows you?re still around and haven?t abandoned the whole idea.

If you?re still not sure about writing your own, visit one of the many sites where experienced bloggers offer advice. Once you?ve embraced the concept of writing your own it won?t matter if you live in Cornwall or really do live at the end of the earth. Your voice can still be heard. Providing its saying the right things of course.

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