Marketing content

Content marketing material can include:

  • Social media posts
  • Tutorials and how-to guides
  • Marketing emails or mailshots
  • Blog posts
  • Landing page content
  • Press releases
  • Video scripts
  • Brochures and sales letters

Keep them coming back for more

We deliver customer-focused marketing copy in all its forms.

If you run a business and are looking to attract new customers, widen your market reach or elevate your online profile, marketing copy from Coastal Content can help!

Content marketing is about communicating and building a relationship with your audience.

It’s about selling without selling. By building a brand, authority and a relationship built on mutual value, you can quickly draw in loyal, repeat customers.

By supporting the buying process instead of selling it, you’re building the kind of trust that pays long term dividends. When customer loyalty is at a premium, it’s the only way to go!

Content marketing is a great way for a smaller business to compete like for like with much larger ones.

It costs very little to build a blog, offer free eBooks, leaflets, how-to guides or other materials that offer value to your audience. Do it better than your competitors and you’ll quickly see results!

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It's all about potential

The core of any content marketing activity is to meet your customer’s needs. It’s about anticipating their questions, providing everything they require before and after the sale and about ensuring their complete satisfaction.

For companies without the luxury of customer support and after-sales teams, this is crucial as it can answer questions before they arise, leaving you free to concentrate on other things.

Good content puts you in the shoes of your customers, seeks to address potential concerns and convince them what you offer is the solution to all their needs. If that sounds like something that would benefit your business, contact Coastal Content today!

Answering questions before being asked

If you’re comfortable in the shoes of your customer, you can look at your business with a more critical eye.

Imagine the kinds of questions they will be asking themselves when they look at you. Can I trust them? Will they deliver? Can they cope? Have they done this before? Will I get my money’s worth? What’s the support like?

All those questions and more are most likely to be at the forefront of someone’s mind when considering buying from you.

If you answer them right away, the path to conversion suddenly becomes shorter and much faster.

Why work with Coastal Content?

With hundreds of digital content providers out there, why should you work with me?

The answer is reassuringly simple. I have built my entire business model around you. I make it as easy as possible to order your marketing content.

I research, write and edit all my work, so everything is ready to publish. I can even do the publishing for you if you like!

I know you’re busy and you would much rather be growing your business rather than trying to come up with ideas and writing content for marketing.

That’s where Coastal Content comes in. I deliver a fast, reliable end-to-end service for businesses of any size so you can concentrate on what you do best.