Freelance blog writing

  • Research, write and edit blog posts on topics you set
  • Deliver blog posts on topics and schedules that suit your business
  • SEO optimisation as part of the price, including keywords, internal and external linking
  • Posts can include images, stats, breakout boxes and other engagement tricks
  • Blog posts can include tutorials, how-to's, news, reviews and points of view
  • All posts will represent you positively and help engage and build authority
  • 2 edits and reviews included within the price

Avoid the perils of poor engagement with a freelance blogger!

Your marketing department, your current marketing or advertising agency and even your friends are likely telling you that regular fresh web content is an essential part of running a business. 

A blog is the ideal starting point to deliver just that. Of course, it doesn’t help if you don’t have time to run it properly. That’s where a freelance blogger comes in.

As a freelance blog writer with over a decade of experience, I can write what you want, when you want, how you want. I can even publish blog posts on your website if you like!

Get blog posts delivered or published directly onto your website from as little as £10 per post!

As a freelance blogger I can write for almost any niche and will adopt your existing or requested tone of voice.

 Everything will be positive, everything will be accurate and everything will show you in the best light possible. I can also promote on your social networks at no extra cost!

There is no easier way to get what you want without having to lift a finger. Tell me what you want, when you want it and I’ll take care of the rest.

Work with me!

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Reliable freelance blogger

I offer a full end-to-end service that includes research, writing, editing, proofing and publishing to your website. I can then promote them on your social channels. All for a sensible price.

I can also research, write, edit and send content to you if you prefer.

The vast majority of marketing efforts, SEO projects and PR exercises will begin with your blog.

It builds trust, authority and enables your voice to be heard. In a world where everything is done online, you need to be in it to win it!

Anyone can write a blog, right? It’s easy to write for an internet audience and keep them entertained while also offering value. Cheap, Asian-sourced blog posts will be good enough surely?

No, no and thrice no!

Content is king, but it has to reflect the quality and consistency of the rest of your business.

Blogging doesn’t have to be expensive, it doesn’t have to be complicated, it just has to be done right. Which is where Coastal Content shines!

If you want or have a blog but don’t know what to say, I can help. If you can’t put thought into words, I can.

If you don’t have the time to maintain your blog, I can do it for you.

Stress-free blogging

Freelance blogging is designed to deliver all the benefits of a blog with none of the effort.

To have a blog writer on call when you need them to deliver the content you need, when you need it. I can build, design, launch, post and maintain your blog for you.

I can post daily, weekly or monthly, or any schedule in-between. I can promote each post through social media and ensure the word spreads far and wide about your business.

While I do the work, you’re still in charge, which is why I consult and design a schedule around what you want.

That could be daily, three times a week, once a week or less if you want. I am infinitely flexible, so if you need more, or less during any given month, just ask!

If you’re a startup, it is even more important to have a blog!

For hassle-free freelance blogging that delivers on its potential, contact Coastal Content today!

Work with me!

Contact me for a fast, free, no-obligation quotation!