Ten basic tips for writing a blog

Writing a blog might seem like a complicated business. You might be wondering if it?s really worth doing. If you?ve looked for other people?s efforts you?ll know just how popular they are.
But don?t let that put you off. There?s always room for more. Provided there?s enough interest in what you have to say. Here are a few things to think about if you decide to go ahead with your own;

1) Keep everything as simple as you can. No one is likely to waste time trying to figure out how to navigate your site. Or find the bits of it that they?re interested in.

2) Be creative. The last thing you want is for your blog to be indistinguishable from all the others out there.

3) Keep updating with new posts. Reading the same old thing time and again will not only bore the bloomers off readers, but make them think you?ve abandoned both them and your site.

4) Don?t ignore comments or feedback. If someone?s taken the time and effort to speak to you it?s only polite to reply.

5) As is resisting the impulse to be rude if they?ve left a less than positive message for you. Remember other people are more likely to see flaws or mistakes you?ve missed. You don?t want to put others off from taking part. Insulting people or being intolerant of their views is not conducive to building a good relationship with them.

6) Using images or illustrations are particularly useful if it?s a ?how to? blog. They?re much easier to follow than reams of text.

7) Stay motivated. If you lose interest half way through so will those reading it.

8) Don?t be shy about creating an ?about me? page. We all like to know who we?re dealing with.

9) Be friendly and informal. It should feel more like a chat amongst friends rather than a lecture.

10) Don?t be disheartened if your blog doesn?t take off straight away. Not many things do. It might seem as if you?re being ignored by the browsing public, but that?s just because they haven?t found you yet.

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