Four easiest ways to change careers in 2022

Changing careers is a complex decision that requires courage and responsibility. There are many reasons to make this change, and any reason is valid. Usually, interest, costs, and opportunities are the most common reasons behind a career changer.

However, this trend is more common than you think. 

A Zippia report shows that 59 percent of workers earning between $50,000 and $75,000 are considering changing careers. On the other hand, about 51 percent of the workforce in America changes jobs every 1-5 years.

So, we can determine that it’s a more common decision than we thought. See below the four ways you can smoothly transition to a different career.

Four ways to change careers easily

If you’re a career changer, this article is for you. We’ll show you four smart ways to achieve your goal in the lines below. We must mention that this decision also requires will and organization, crucial elements to guarantee a successful transition.

Enroll in academic programs with career services

Many career changers need reskilling processes to take on new challenges. Coding bootcamps are one of the most frequent places for these people. These schools have advanced courses in tech fields like software development, web design, data science, and much more.

In addition to completing the course in a few months, the tuition is cheaper, and the additional services can be helpful. Bootcamps like CareerFoundry and Flatiron School have career services and job assistance to help you get a chance in the tech industry after you graduate. 

You may look at the bullet list below to see the career services offered by coding bootcamps.

  • How to create a portfolio and CV
  • Job interview simulator
  • How to get higher wages
  • Steps to adapt your old skills to new jobs
  • Interaction with employers and managers of hiring partners

Search in freelance platforms

The level of experience is a mandatory requirement to get a new job. One of the advantages of these websites is the massive offer of employment. You can apply to many jobs and filter your search by salary, hours, or skills required, no matter where you live.

One of the biggest fears during this transition is financial instability. Many people cannot change careers while still working at their current jobs. Websites like UpWork or Fiverr are reliable options for maintaining income while preparing for a new career.

Access schools with mixed schedules

Thanks to the digital revolution, studying online courses in part-time or self-paced schedules is a possibility. Mixed course offerings help students and professionals make the most out of their time. In this way, you can keep your old job while preparing for a new career.

Also, e-learning is a more comfortable solution for your professional growth. Studying and working simultaneously can take a toll on your mental health, especially if both responsibilities require in-person activities.

For this reason, the new trends in the workforce and students call for mixed schedules to diversify routines and achieve a healthier path.

Contact other career changers

Ultimately, the best way to make a successful transition is to see what other people like you did. Many career changers attend conferences and workshops. These events use statistics and personal experiences to help others choose the best option.

It’s important to consult everything about the new career before thinking about the transition. For this reason, it’s common to hear about websites such as Glassdoor, Indeed, Nexxt, or CareerBuilder at these conferences.

Thousands of employees write reviews about companies, salaries, benefits, and general reputation. These references help you create a realistic perspective on your new goals.


We know that this path is complicated but not impossible. Changing jobs and choosing a new career path requires courage and professionalism. Organize your finances and savings, and consider the best academic options to guarantee successful results.

Follow our tips above and get ready for one of the best transitions in your life!

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