Is your copy answering the right questions?

From a customer?s point of view that is, not your own. You shouldn?t be asking them questions unless it?s to point out you have the solution they?re looking for.
Neither should they have to ask you any. It?s unlikely they?ll go to all that trouble for something you should have addressed in the first place.

If you?re writing copy there are a few things you need to think about first. Such as how to attract the right people to your site. And what happens to them when they?re there. Catching their attention in the first place means you have to know who is likely to want what you?re offering. And then write it with them in mind. The words you use in the title should answer the first question they?ll be asking.

Is this what I?m looking for?
They won?t know unless you tell them. Obviously word count is limited so you have to make every word count. The key words they?ll use should be easy enough to work out. But it also has to give them some idea of what they can expect. For instance are you selling, buying, or simply writing about the subject? Clarity there will make all the difference in their decision to stop at your site. Or not as the case may be.

Is it right for me?
No one can know that without the relevant information to hand. Now is not the time to start waffling on about yourself. Or try and tease them into exploring your site like a silly game of hide and seek. In this instance if they don?t find out immediately they?ll go seek elsewhere. Only if they know it?s worth their while will they decide to give you a bit more of their precious time.

Is it safe to be here?
You can?t blame people for being cautious. They?ll need reassuring that any details they give you will be secure. As will their hard earned money. It?s important you point out it?s just as important to you and you?ve done everything possible on their behalf.

Your copy should answer those and any other questions they?re likely to have. If they have to ask they probably won?t.

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