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Using Quora to find blog topics

I must to admit to being a bit of a late starter to Quora. I have been to the site often when answers came up in search results but never explored much further. That all changed after discovering more about the site last week. Now I use it all the time to discover blog topics for clients.

Quora is a real mix. Parts of it are pointless, full of people asking stupid questions they could easily find the answer to anywhere else. The rest of it is full of genuine people asking genuine questions. It is this latter that I use to find blog topics. Here’s how to do it.

How to use Quora to find blog topics

  1. Navigate to com and log in or create an account.
  2. Answer the questions about the subjects you’re interested in (first time login only).
  3. Type the niche you’re researching into the search box at the top.
  4. As the radio box expands, you should see ‘Search’ at the bottom. Click that.
  5. On the next page, click Questions in the left side menu.

This will refine the returns to questions asked within the niche you entered. Where it says ‘Follow’ and a number, this is how many people are following a particular question.

Select a question with lots of followers and write a meaningful blog post that answers the question. Not only is this obviously a popular question on Quora, but likely a popular question generally. This should result in more attention as you publish. You can also add the URL into Quora as an answer for that particular question, enabling you to gather even more attention for your post.

The success of this method depends entirely on the niche you’re writing for and the quality of the blog post you write. The usual rules apply here. Make the blog post easy to read, add real value, answer the question and deliver on the promise made in the headline. Do all that and you should see a gradual increase in engagement as you write.

For industries such as technology or cars, two I specialise in, there are a lot of questions that can be answered and a lot of traction to gain. Narrower or more specialist niches may find it harder to gain traction.

As part of a wider research task, using Quora and sites like it offer a great way to find out what people are talking about online. You can find out what they want to know and satisfy that need. Exactly what a blogger is supposed to do!

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