Value propositions need to be more than jargon

Whatever your opinion of them, if you?re writing copy your value proposition will be in there somewhere. Or at least it should be. It might not be recognised as such, but unless you?re writing to yourself you have to be offering something to customers. For them to become customers in the first place you have to give them something in return.

While it might seem like yet another label to contend with, think of it as a way of presenting your part of the bargain. It doesn?t have to read like a company manifesto. In fact if it does you?re likely to turn people off.

A lot of it comes down to how you present it of course. If you give them a heading saying ?Here?s my value proposition?, chances are customers won?t bother with it. They?ll put it down as yet another piece of jargon. Or worse, more pretentious corporate speak they won?t waste their time on.

Contrary to what may be believed by those frequenting boardrooms, such talk is a big turn off to most ordinary people. They don?t think the people uttering such things are clever or superior in some way.

In fact the opposite is usually true. To most people such things are regarded as nothing more than empty promises. As bland and meaningless as a politician?s promises leading up to an election. In other words they won?t believe a word of them.

Giving them the chance to read what you have to say is one thing. Getting them to take you up on it is a different matter altogether.
Presenting it as a natural part of your copy won?t set their alarm bells ringing. You can make it clear you?re offering them value as part of the conversation. Not trying to force it down their throats wrapped up in fancy language. You can still gain their trust and make it clear what they?ll be getting.

If someone decides to do business with you it?ll be because they?re aware of that. Using plain and straightforward language it?s up to you to leave them in no doubt you?re the best person for the job.
The words ?value proposition? might not be what someone is looking for. But the meaning behind it certainly will be.

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