Making your copy a call to action

If you?re writing copy for a business you obviously want a reaction from those reading it. You want them to become customers. To answer your call to action. In order to do that you have to persuade them to choose you instead of someone else.

Selling yourself is one thing, but that?s only the beginning. Blundering around blindly around your site isn?t likely to win people over.

The fact is they want things made easy for them. Someone else to take all the bother out of it so they don?t have to worry about it. But first they have to be convinced you have exactly what they want.

Naturally the first thing they?ll see will be your title. That should make it clear that you?re actually offering something rather than just voicing your opinion on the subject.

A good way to get noticed is by asking a question and then offering a solution. But of course words are limited so make sure everyone of them speaks for itself. Let?s face it anyone can claim to be anything they want online.

As a result people are wary of whom they deal with. And rightly so. It?s no good telling someone you?re honest and above board. They?ll need to see that for themselves. If you can include feedback and testimonials do so.

If not don?t make impossible claims. Most people these days follow the maxim ?if it?s too good to be true, it probably is.? But of course once you?ve piqued their interest it?s up to you to lead them gently through the rest of the process.

Once you?ve given them a reason to take it to the next stage you have to show them how to get there. And what they can expect once they?ve arrived. Using plain and simple language won?t mean you?ll look like an amateur. It?ll be seen as an understanding approach to those people who are unsure or inexperienced in doing things online.

You should never make assumptions about potential customers. Not everyone will have the same level of technical knowledge as you. No one likes to be made to feel a fool. That?s why you have to make it as easy as possible for customers to answer that call.

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