Advertising your website without annoying everyone

Advertising these days means being able to reach more people than can ever have been imagined a few years ago. An advertiser?s dream. But most people?s idea of a nightmare. The general consensus of opinion being there?s far too much of it. And no escape from it wherever you go or whatever you look at.

It might seem easier to reach the public with whatever it is you?re selling or promoting. But like most things, when it gets to saturation point the less anyone takes notice of it. Unless it?s something they?re interested in they don?t want to know. They switch off, physically or mentally. Fast forward to what remains of the TV program in-between the ad breaks.

It?s even easier to ignore what you don?t want to see online. As most people skim rather than read, it?s less likely to engage their interest. What it will do is irritate them to the point of deliberately blocking it out and going somewhere else. So how can you advertise your website without driving online readers to distraction? Again it obviously comes down to whether someone?s interested or not. But first you have to give them something to be interested in.

No one likes to feel they?re being personally targeted by people they don?t know. What you do have to do is target their reasons for looking in the first place. Not by bombarding them with inane images and empty promises. But by giving them the option of deciding for themselves if you have what they?re looking for.

But of course they won?t know that unless you tell them. The only way to find anything on the web is to type in keywords. And expect the search engine to do the hard work for you. Therefore it stands to reason that?s the place for you to start. By ensuring those same words are in your title.

But of course there?s more to it than that. A string of words will arouse their suspicions. A relevant sentence will make them stop and take a look. Especially if you?ve anticipated why they want what you have. It?s all about offering your services. Not forcing them down people?s throats.

Just think what infuriates you about advertising. And do the opposite.

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