Is your copy more luck than judgement?

There are two schools of thought where the subject of luck is concerned. There?re those who state most categorically that a person makes their own luck. (Usually those who?re blessed with good fortune it has to be said.)

The other side of the argument is that that?s surely a contradiction in terms. Luck is chance, fate or whatever you care to call it. Something over which no one has control. Otherwise it wouldn?t be luck or chance would it?
Whatever your thoughts on the subject there?re some things it just isn?t worth leaving to chance. Your copy for instance. Unless it?s carefully worked out beforehand it?s liable to sink without a trace. It isn?t luck that brings it to people?s attention. It?s good copy written with their interests at heart.
As they?ll be searching for something in particular it?s up to you to answer that need. But first you have to let them know you?re there in the first place. It?s using relevant words in your title that?ll do that. The same words they?re likely to type into the search engine.
Once they?re on your site they?ll want a valid reason for staying there. The proof that you really do have what they want. And can supply it with the least amount of effort on their part. Which means an extra input of thought from your side. After all if you obviously haven?t made an effort why should they?
Another thing no one will take a chance with is honesty. If there?s a doubt in their mind about you or your business they?ll err on the side of caution. And leave immediately. People?s trust has to be earned not taken for granted.
The safer your site is the more likely it is to be used. But of course they have to be reassured that?s exactly what it is. That information has to be there before them without any ambiguity or need for guesswork.
So don?t leave your copy to the fickle hand of fate. You have to make your business one people want to deal with. That?s down to you and how much you?re prepared to cover all eventualities. And anticipate the customer?s every need.
And who knows how lucky you?ll be because of it?

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