Image isn?t everything, even when writing copy

It might sound like a contradiction in terms. And although image is important to advertisers and some members of the public alike, there?s more to copy than that.

Of course the younger you are the more the idea of it appeals. To older people they?re more wary of it. They?ve learned that it can all be a hollow illusion. Or worse, a ploy by manufacturers to get us to part with our money.
As with most things it?s a question of balance. Of course you want to sell your wares in the best way you can. But if you?re not careful it can backfire if you?re not reaching the right audience.
You could be perceived as being someone more concerned with presenting the right image than with running a serious business. Someone with not enough experience to realise most people want a bit of substance in their dealings with you. Especially these days.
With times being as hard as they are for a lot of people, shopping habits are changing.
They?re more concerned with value for money than what fancy packaging it?s wrapped in. Cheaper alternatives are shaking up the business world like never before.
Which is good news for consumers who feel they?ve been held to ransom by the major retailers for too long.
Which is where your copy comes in. An individual or small business can offer more in the way of understanding customer?s needs.

After all you haven?t the layers of hype and brash promises made by many of the bigger ones for people to wade through. You can set your own standards without being held back by those whose only interest is in global profits.
Most people would prefer dealing with individuals. Someone who can be there throughout the process without passing them from pillar to post. Who?s willing to go that extra mile for them. In other words someone genuine and honest.
Of course they?ll always be people who think image is everything.

If that?s the type of audience you want then fine. If it isn?t you might need to think about what?s important to the customers you?re after. And present your copy accordingly.

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