If you?re just starting up a new business, no doubt advertising it has reared its ugly head. After all if no one knows you?re open you won?t get any customers. Especially if your business is online.

The chances of simply catching passing trade are not great to say the least. People are unlikely to be window shopping on the web. As they?ll be looking for something specific you need to write specific copy. Starting with the title.

If you?ve thought long and hard about what to call your business well and good. It?s a start. But for a title it?s simply not enough. Particularly if the name is obscure or a play on words. There?ll be certain words typed into search engines, which means you have to include them in your introduction to the world.

As long as they make sense. Simply using them for the sake of it is likely to put people off going any further with you. They?ll know exactly what you?re up to.
Speaking of words, you have to know how to use them to the best advantage. Without the usual visual aids associated with advertising, they have to convey your message clearly. Even if you use pictures to illustrate your products or service, what people can see from them will be limited.

That?s why your copy has to be their eyes and ears. It has to describe what they can?t see as much as what they can. Ask yourself what details you?d need to know before making a decision. They?ll probably be the same as most people?s. If there are different options for them to choose from they have to be clearly shown.

But don?t forget copy has to be more than just a showcase for your wares. It?s where customers can hopefully build a clear picture of how you run your business. What they can expect in terms of security and trust. And where they can get to know you well enough to want to do business with you. None of that is foregone conclusion. You have to make it happen.

Copy should be like a friendly conversation. Remembering of course that whoever?s reading it will be more interested in what?s in it for them rather than expanding your empire. You might be wise to keep that kind of ambition to yourself.

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