You don?t need celebrities to sell your product

Or anything else for that matter. Although no doubt some people disagree. It may be hard to imagine, but there was life before celebrity culture took over the airwaves and every other type of media. Products still managed to sell. Businesses still managed to survive. Even without some Z list individual endorsing their product. And believe it or not, the earth didn?t come to a shuddering stop because of it.

If you?re finding it hard to imagine such a thing you?re obviously of an age where such things are par for the course. If you?re nodding in agreement you?re likely to remember the good old days when other things were considered more important. Like honesty for instance. Or substance over style.

If you?re selling online it?s a different matter altogether of course. For one thing you have to keep people focused on you. No doubt many advertisers think familiar faces help sell their product. Maybe they do. But how many times has that proved a distraction?

Take an advert on the TV for instance. An actor or comedian is trying to convince you to buy a particular product. Do you instantly think ?I must go out and buy that now?? Or do you remember when they were once top of the bill in the dim and distant past.

And your first thought is ?They must be desperate for work if they have to resort to that?? By which time the advert is probably finished and has missed the point entirely.
While some viewers might believe what they see, others will know it?s simply another selling ploy. Either way they?ve concentrated more on the person themselves than on the product itself.

Which of course won?t work online. If someone is looking for a specific item or service, that?s what they?ll expect to see. Right there in the title the search engine has brought up. It?s up to you to sell what you have by recognising that. They won?t want distractions. Or detours into the world of show business. Or what passes for it these days.

Unless they?re very young your customers will expect you to concentrate on their needs and wants. Not be more concerned with paying someone a lot of money to do it for you. Direct contact is the way to persuade them you?re the right person for the job. Through the context of your copy, not hiding behind someone else?s so called claim to fame.

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