Advertising and your website

Many years ago advertising was a relatively simple affair. Tradesmen made a notice or poster and placed it outside their shop. All it needed was a simple picture to alert those wanting to avail themselves of what was on offer.

Later things moved on to become a bit more sophisticated. As more people became literate the power of words was recognised, although the truth wasn?t yet the necessity it would become.

In effect all sorts of claims were made. About the product or service and what miracles it could perform. In other words it was easy to con the gullible into believing whatever you wanted them to in order to make a profit. Not so now.

Psychology is as important to an advertiser as those primitive pictures were in the dim and distant past. Some might say customers are still being conned, albeit in a more subtle way. But the fact is it seems to work.

These days it?s called psychology. Whether it?s certain colours used in the packaging or a particular shaped bottle. The lure of a more glamorous way of life or tugging at heart strings. It?s all in there somewhere.

If your business is online you can?t enter their homes without being invited like those on TV. Or catch someone?s eye in a newspaper or magazine, whether they like it or not. But you can still make yourself known if you look at it in a different way. By realising that most of the time people will have to make an effort to actively look for you. In which case you?d better be ready for them.

For one thing they?ll have to know you?re there. Without the advantage of visual aids or catchy jingles to get their attention, you have to do it with your choice of words.

Not by an endless repetition of keywords, most people are wise to that these days. But telling them straight what you have and how it could be just what they?re looking for.
It?s as simple as that.

Advertising really has changed over the years. But one thing hasn?t. People?s dislike of being lied to. Respect that and you can?t go wrong.

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