Don?t let your copy be a one hit wonder

You know the sort of thing. Someone has a hit record, is touted as the latest thing, and then is never heard from again. They?ve joined that long list of one hit wonders.

Their offering might be replayed again occasionally on the radio, provoking the usual comments of ?I wonder whatever happened to?? and then are instantly forgotten again. The last thing you want people to do to you.

Apart from anything else your copy needs to keep up to date. If only to let people know you?re still there. They might begin to wonder if they?re confronted with something that obviously hasn?t changed for a very long time. If at all.

If someone is a regular visitor to your site they?ll probably get bored reading the same old thing time and time again. That doesn?t mean you have to make dramatic changes to your copy. Especially if it?s doing a good job. Simply offering them something new and different occasionally will keep their interest in you going.

It?s also reassuring to know you?re there if any problems occur. If they do have to contact you for any reason it?ll help knowing your site is not something you?re likely to bother with only occasionally. Even if you?re there all the time it won?t be evident if nothing ever changes.

If you spend a lot of time designing and maintaining your website you want to keep it in the public eye. You also want people to know you?re aware of what?s happening in the real world.

Even if the product you?re selling hasn?t changed, your copy has to. People?s lives don?t come to a standstill so you shouldn?t either. As circumstances change so to does customer?s needs. They might need that bit more encouragement to part with their money. If only to justify it to themselves.

You have to let them know you?re adaptable to those changes. And understand them.
You won?t do that if you turn out to be a one hit wonder. A flash in the pan. Being there for your customers means letting them know you?ll be around for a long time yet.

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