Copy shouldn?t be a merry go round

It?s tempting to keep going over the same points again and again. That way your copy is making sure people understand the meaning you?re trying to put across. If it?s making people feel they?re just going round and round without getting anywhere, it?s probably defeating the object.

There?s a big difference between reiterating a point and refusing to let it go. Of course it has to be clear what you?re offering. And the advantages of doing business with you. But there comes a point when people just want to get on with the business in hand.

That?s why you have to strike a balance with your copy. Make it clear and easily understood, but not by forgetting why people are there in the first place. It isn?t to indulge in all the fun of the fair. It?s to find out if you?re what they want. If you are they?ll still expect to get it over and done with as easily and quickly as possible.

However good you or your business may be, there?s only so much interest customers will have with it. They?re not bothered about your life history. Or what your particular mission in life might be. They?re there for their own benefit not yours.

But don?t be disheartened. The more you make life easier for them, the more they?ll appreciate the effort. The friendlier you are the sooner they?ll respond. With a bit more of their precious time if nothing else. But then you can?t have everything.

The point is, the more they feel they have a rapport with you, the longer they?ll stay to consider your assets. As long as you forget that merry go round. Customers want a clear path ahead. To be able to go from one part of the process to the next without feeling dizzy. It?s up to you to make that path follow the route they need to take.

Without having to stop and admire the scenery. Not to be subjected to a mass of useless information. Or keep going over the same ground.
There?s nothing wrong with making your site a fun place to be. In fact it can be positively beneficial. But only if it?s in the right context. And you?re not sending your customers round in circles.

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