You can?t write with a closed mind

You might think if you?re using your imagination it?d be impossible to have a closed mind. How would all those good ideas get through if you did? Preconceived ideas are usually lurking about in our minds somewhere, even if we don?t realise they are. You?d be surprised how much they can inhibit the creative juices if we let them.

Take formulas for instance. Or plotlines if you prefer. While there are inevitable similarities to most books of a certain genre, that doesn?t mean you have to follow where others have led.

Everyone has their own way of looking at things. That?s what makes us unique. Don?t dismiss it out of hand, it?s one of the most valuable assets a writer has. Providing you use it of course. And why wouldn?t you? The only way to be a successful writer is to make people want to read what you?ve written. They won?t do that if you?re no different to all the others out there.

If it?s fear that?s keeping you from daring to be different it?s time to nip it in the bud. You really do have to take your courage in both hands and go for it. If you want your voice to be heard it?s no good whispering in case it doesn?t work. Shout it from the rooftops and see what happens.

Another thing to watch out for is getting stuck in the past. Unless you?re writing about it of course. People?s lives are changing all the time. As are their tastes. If you?re writing about something that takes place in the here and now, make sure you?re doing just that.

And that goes for language and the way people talk. The way they speak can tell you a lot about someone, something a writer can use to convey impressions rather than spell it out with a lot of unnecessary explanations.

However much the world around us changes one thing stays the same. The need people have to be entertained. To lose themselves in a good story whatever they read with. It doesn?t matter if it?s through the latest technology or with a good old fashioned book, the outcome is the same. They want to enjoy it. It?s your job to see that they do.

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