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Looking for SEO content writing that is largely immune to Google algorithm changes? Want web content that performs no matter what the search engines do? We can help!

Coastal Content’s SEO content writing service has been refined over the past thirteen years to deliver everything your website visitors want. It has also been tuned to deliver exactly what search engines look for. So no matter what you’re targeting, what search engine metrics you use, our SEO content delivers!

Our SEO content delivers:

  • User-optimised website content
  • Engaging web copy that addresses user intent.
  • Conversational tone that also works with voice search
  • Seamlessly blended keyword terms
  • Exhaustively researched and well-written SEO content
  • Copy editing as part of the price

We can even publish on your website for you and promote on your social media channels!

SEO content that stands the test of time

Every time Google or Bing updates their algorithm you will hear website owners complain to various degrees that their niches got hurt. Had they been Coastal Content clients, they needn’t have worried.

How so?

The majority of algorithm changes the search engines introduce are designed to make search better, more natural, use natural language, work with voice search or deliver more relevant results. All website content tuned to deliver those qualities will rarely be penalized or compromised by these updates.

Sure some niches get punished occasionally but overall, if your content speaks to your audience in the right way, your website content will always get results.

So how does it work?

Ordering your SEO content from Coastal Content is easy!

  1. Email us with your requirements and any supporting information.
  2. We reply with a quote and deadline.
  3. You agree or negotiate and pay a deposit.
  4. We produce the content and deliver via the agreed medium.
  5. That’s it!

We have been producing high quality SEO content for almost fifteen years and have learned and refined our technique steadily. We deliver the brief on time, all the time. We have never missed a deadline. Not ever!

SEO web content

Coastal Content delivers conversational website content written with SEO in mind but never front and centre. We use keywords, keyword phrases, longtails and SEO techniques of course but we blend them into the overall conversation. We don’t keyword stuff, we don’t use blackhat tricks. We always have user intent in mind when writing web content.

We like it that way. Search engines like it that way. Your audience likes it that way. Why would you do anything else?

SEO web content can include:

  • Website copy
  • Blog posts
  • Product or service descriptions
  • Guest posts
  • White papers
  • Technical pieces and reviews
  • Pillar content
  • Video scripts
  • Tutorials and how-to’s
  • Editing and proof reading existing content
  • Press releases and PR pieces

What is SEO content writing?

SEO content writing is the art of balancing the needs of the search engine using Search Engine Optimisation with the needs of the reader. Effectively balancing the two means you deliver for everybody and disappoint nobody.

Why does your SEO content work?

Our SEO website content works because we blend user intent, keyword terms, subject research, great writing and effective editing into a cohesive whole. A lot of web content fails because they are written for the website owner or for the writer and not for the audience. We always have your target market in mind and go to great lengths to learn exactly who they are before we type a single word.

What SEO tools do you use?

Coastal Content doesn’t use SEO tools in our writing. The client brief will usually include a list of keyword terms so we use those to craft the web content. If we use SEO tools to help create our content, we risk leaving that content exposed to algorithm changes. Instead, we look at the target audience, the niche, the page intent and build a page from there. We will of course blend keyword terms in there but only when they can be invisible to the human reader!

How much do you charge for SEO content?

We don’t charge a lot for our SEO content. Probably less than you think. Exact prices depend on what you’re looking for but we write blog posts from as little as £10/$13/€12 each and web pages from £25/$33/€30 each. Much depends on the word count, complexity and any other requirements you may have. The longer it takes us to create, the more we will have to charge.

All SEO web content comes fully edited and ready to publish. We can even publish on your website or blog for you if you like!

Is SEO content writing difficult?

SEO content writing is not difficult if you keep the user at the centre of everything. As soon as you begin creating content purposely to leverage the search engines, things will begin to go wrong. Algorithm changes can devastate your ranking, you may miss user intent altogether and you create content with no value.

Getting your web content right means always writing for the reader first while bearing in mind the needs of the search engines. That’s something every Coastal Content customer receives as part of the package.

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