Don?t let the Easter bunny sabotage your copy

Unless you?re writing specifically about them of course. If you?re not then maybe you need to exercise a little constraint in what you present to people. You know how it is. Advertisers start pushing their Christmas wares on us before we?ve even packed away the buckets and spades. By the time the big day gets here we?re fed up to the back teeth with it all.

And of course once the shelves are emptied of Christmas cards and baubles out come the Easter eggs. While it might be great for chocoholics, it usually makes customers feel nauseous at the thought. Not of the eggs themselves. But of the over eager companies bombarding us with things we?re not even ready to think about.

Not only does this make those companies look like greedy, grasping opportunists, but it takes away the true spirit of the occasion. And leaves countless parents up and down the country tearing their hair out with frustration.

Like Christmas, Easter means different things to different people. If you?re writing copy to promote something to do with either it doesn?t mean you have to offend anyone. Or drive them to distraction with an overload of garish images and waffle.
Unless you?re particularly targeting children you can be more subtle than that.

The more someone forces something on us the more we rebel. We tune out what they?re saying. Close our eyes to their efforts to entice us to part with more money. Stop listening to what they have to say. In which case however good your copy is it?ll all be a wasted effort if that?s the effect it?s having on potential customers.

Copy doesn?t have to go overboard to get people to take notice of it. Just be relevant and what they want to hear. However tempting it might be, taking advantage of certain events won?t always be the best policy. How much nicer it is to have some calm in the eye of the storm. Some reason to counteract the madness and mayhem.

In other words an opportunity to deal with someone who doesn?t the give the impression they?re only interested in themselves and how much money they can take from you.

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