The importance of titles for your website

If you want to share important information with people there are more ways than ever of doing it. You can reach them from the other side of the world with merely the click of a button. Which is great as far as you?re concerned. Especially if you?re writing copy to promote your business.

But of course there?s more to it than. Life really isn?t that straightforward. Even in these days of instant communication. Because of course reaching an audience is only a part of it. Getting them interested enough to listen to what you have to say is a different matter altogether.

So how do you go about it? For a start don?t take it for granted that just because it?s there someone will read your words of wisdom. In the same way they?ll walk past a shop that sells nothing of interest to them, customers will do the same to your site.

With all the choice now on offer they won?t simply stop by on the off chance. They won?t waste time looking at something that bears no relation whatsoever to what they?re after. And they certainly won?t hazard a guess at what you?re offering just to pass the time.

You have to make it clear to them not only that you?re there, but what it is you?re there for. Catching someone?s attention in a crowd is usually a matter of waving in their direction and hoping they actually notice. Or hollering at them at the top of your voice while ignoring the tuts and stares of everyone else in the vicinity.

Neither option is available online of course. Not in the physical sense at least. It?s your headline that has to do that for you. That?s why it has to be as carefully worded and thought out as the rest of your copy.

If you?re looking at a shelf full of books written by unknown authors, it?s the title that gives you a clue about what it might be about. If it?s called ?loves young dream? for instance you won?t expect it to be about murder and mayhem. It might well be but that?s another story.

Your own title has to lead potential customers to your site. Otherwise you?ll never get noticed.

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