Are you making these excuses not to write?

If you are you?re not alone. It?s not that you don?t want to. Or even that you can?t. It?s just too easy not to actually sit down and do it.
Maybe it?s fear of failure or ridicule. Maybe you don?t know where to start. Or maybe you?re simply making excuses to put it off. Ask yourself if you?re using any of the following to justify your inaction;
I don?t have time.
Maybe you do maybe you don?t. It?s up to you to decide. But be honest. Are you sure you can?t really spare any time or are you thinking of a hundred and one other things to do instead? There?s always something needs doing after all.
If you think of writing as just another chore that?s how it?ll feel. Something to be put off until another time. And how often does that other time really happen?
If you really want to write only you can find the time to do it.

I can?t think of anything to write.
Of course you have times when you can?t just conjure up a good story out of thin air. Or you have a good idea and don?t know what to do with it. Sometimes simply reading a newspaper can get you thinking. Not by copying the stories. But by thinking of a similar scenario and putting your own take on it.
Ask yourself how and why things happened the way they did. Who else was involved and what did they do? You?ll be surprised what your imagination can come up with if you give it a gentle nudge now and again.

It?ll never be good enough.
It?s perfectly natural to have doubts. But how will you know unless you try? Of course it won?t be perfect first time. If you?re arrogant enough to think otherwise you?ll never learn anything new. And that?s something you?ll need to do a lot of if you?re serious about writing.
Like everything else it takes practice. Some things will work and others won?t. You?ll learn how to tell the difference as you go along.

As with all things you have to start with a positive rather than a negative. Tell yourself you will write no matter what. Even if it doesn?t make the grade at least you?ll have tried. But only if you stop making those excuses and get on with it.

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