Writing for people not crowds

It?s not something you probably realise is coming through in your writing. Whether it?s fiction or copy, the person reading it wants to feel as if it?s speaking to them personally.

With copy of course that?s exactly what you hope to achieve. Making potential customers feel part of your business. As far as wanting to deal with it goes anyway. Writing for the masses isn?t likely to make them feel that way. Even though that?s what you?re doing, it still has to appeal to them on a personal level.

Taking them for granted is one way to turn them off completely. No one likes to feel they?ve been lumped together with everyone else. That their individual needs or requirements have been ignored in favour of the crowd. Or put up with your assumptions that you know what?s best for them.

As someone trying to run a business, you obviously have to have some idea of the market for what you?re offering. And to be sure there?ll be enough interest in it to make it viable. Writing your copy with the personal touch means it won?t read like some mass produced gobbledegook.

Fiction of course is a whole new ball game. There again you?ll be writing a story you hope will be read by as many people as possible. But every single reader will want to identify with the characters they?re reading about. Or care about the situations they find themselves in.

If all you have in your mind is jumping on a particular bandwagon, you?re ignoring a large part of your potential audience. Fads come and go in most things. Some people make a killing by taking advantage of them. But the thing about fads is they?re usually short lived. You might well find public interest no longer cares about it by the time your efforts see the light of day.

Whatever you?re writing you can?t cheat the readers. By thinking of every single one of them as people, you?re more likely to get that rapport you won?t get with a crowd. After all, even the biggest gathering is still made up of individuals. And they?re the ones you have to speak to.

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