Helping your Cornish business with a blog

We all have preconceived ideas. Mention a holiday destination such as Cornwall and we think of endless beaches and rugged coastlines. Days filled with sunshine and balmy nights. Which is all very well if you?re ready to pack your bucket and spade. But do you ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes and how the places function in the real world? Probably not.

This can cause a few problems if you?re trying to run a business that doesn?t involve holiday makers or coach trips. You have to get past those preconceived ideas, and show people your business is just as important as those in other parts of the country.
Which is why you might want to consider writing a blog.

Unlike ordinary copy it allows readers to see beyond the business and give them a glimpse of what makes it tick. Because you?re not openly trying to persuade them to become customers, they?re more likely to take an interest in you and what you do. As long as they know you?re there of course.

It?s true what they say. You can?t judge a book by its cover. And you can?t rely on panoramic views of the area to let them know what you do. The title has to be worded in a way that captures their interest in the first place. That?s not to say you can?t use those magnificent views to show off how beautiful Cornwall is. But there has to be something more that grabs their interest enough to enter your site.

The wording of the title is only the beginning though. There has to be enough substance in the rest of the blog to justify their time spent with you. Now?s your chance to say all those things you?d like to say that won?t fit into your official copy.

You don?t have to worry about looking unprofessional if you write about other subjects. Or show more of your personality and interests. In fact the more friendly and open you are, the more people will respond.

Writing a blog can open their eyes to the fact that Cornwall can offer the same business opportunities as anywhere else. That you?re living in the same world as they are, not in such a remote part of the country normal rules can?t apply. In other words, your business deserves to be seen and heard. And more importantly, taken seriously.

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