Stop dreaming about it and write

Most people have a dream about what they?d like to do given the chance. Winning the lottery might be out of your hands, like many other changes we?d like to happen. But some of them are possible if we put our minds to it.

Take writing for instance. The majority of people who?ve read a book have at one time or another probably thought they?d like to write one of their own. To some it?s nothing more than a passing fancy. To others it?s a cherished dream that maybe one day?

Then of course you have the ones that do. The ones who stop thinking about it and get on with it. Who put aside the doubts and fears and decide to give it a try anyway. And if they can do it so can you.

You might not have the luxury of time to write whenever you want. You probably won?t have your own home study to shut yourself away in. But so what? Not everyone does. And yet many people succeed anyway. It?s not as if writing takes up a lot of space after all.

From a young age we?ve been encouraged to use our imaginations. Writing stories and essays might have seemed like a chore but they got us thinking. And writing. You don?t have to leave that behind at the school gate. Your imagination is still there and ready to be woken up.

Not knowing where to start is another reason people put off getting that story down in black and white. But don?t let that put you off. It doesn?t matter where you start as long as it all comes together in the end. Planning a timeline where everything fits in is a simple way of keeping track.

And don?t be put off if it doesn?t work out how you planned. First drafts rarely need anything more done to them. In fact many famous authors write several drafts before they?re satisfied with it.
But of course they?re the ones who did. Who took hold of their dream and ran with it. The ones who won?t end up regretting the fact they didn?t even try.

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