Blogging in Devon and Cornwall

It doesn?t matter where in the country you are no one can know the area like a local. Even then there?s usually some places even they might not be too familiar with. The pace at which things change these days that?s not really surprising.

Unless you live in that particular area it can be difficult to get people to take you seriously as a viable business. Too many people associate commerce of any kind with one of the major cities. So what can you do to make yourself known to a wider audience?

You could try writing a blog. Unlike ordinary copy you can share much more with your readers than simply product description. It?s a chance to share your knowledge of the area you work in, and let them know there?s more to it than they might otherwise realise.

Take Devon and Cornwall for instance. Mention their names and most people immediately think of golden beaches and rugged coastlines. Places to take their offspring on holiday perhaps. Or somewhere to go for an authentic cream tea. Blogging can be a great way to let them see a side of it they might not realise is there.
Good businesses for example.

You can let people know your area has far more to offer than the usual sand and surf image. And of course people can see for themselves how friendly the natives are.

It?s more personal than a holiday brochure or travel book. Having a friendly conversation with them means they?re more likely to take notice of what you have to say. Especially if you use it as a more subtle way to promote yourself and what you?re doing.

Businesses online have to rely on effective copy to get their message across. It?s still an essential part of it of course. Blogging just adds an extra element of interest. And if those reading it have a chance to interact with you so much the better. At least that way they know they?re communicating with a fellow human being.

These days there?s no excuse to feel isolated. Or so remote from the rest of the country your business doesn?t stand a chance. All you have to do is utilise the opportunities you have at your fingertips. Wherever you live.

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