Try blogging to help your business

It might be something you?ve never thought of before. Especially if you?re not into that entire social media circus out there. But if you have a business, particularly a small business, maybe writing a blog could be more beneficial than you think.

It isn?t just about individuals sharing their lives with others. Although they?re useful if you want to learn how to do something. Or find information about an obscure subject for instance. Sharing experiences and knowledge in that way is no bad thing. But of course that?s only part of it.

Many companies have already seen the potential and have their own blogs. It might be a good idea to visit some of them to see what they?re doing. You might be surprised.

For one thing they?re less formal than copy. Naturally when writing copy there are limitations on everyone?s time and patience. To say nothing of having to stick to the relevant details. Which is fine if it serves the purpose and gets your business noticed.

If you?re after more attention, and let?s face it who isn?t, taking it in a different direction will only help your cause.
Despite the clich? mixing business and pleasure can work if it?s part of a blog. The primary aim may be to promote your business but you can add so much more.

In fact it?s best if you do. If it ends up as nothing more than a hard sell campaign people will soon lose interest.
Keeping it light and friendly is the way to engage readers. Write it as if you were having an interesting conversation with one of them.

Not from the top of a soap box though. You?re supposed to be talking too them not at them. Remember they?re there by choice. They can leave just as willingly.

Writing a blog can be your chance to show the human side of what you do. In these days of big corporations and faceless bureaucrats it?s ever more important for people to see the alternative.

People like themselves who understands what makes them tick. Who?re there simply to make an honest living in the same way as they are. In other words a fellow human being with all the challenges that entails.

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