Interesting copy to get results

You might already think your copy is interesting. People reading it might not agree. Remember they?re looking at it from a different angle than you. Believe it or not they?ll be more concerned with themselves, even when it comes to reading copy. In other words they want to like what they see.

Naturally you have to present them with all the facts. Full descriptions of what you have to offer. That goes without saying. But that doesn?t mean it should be as dry as a desiccated moth.

Combining the necessary with the unexpected can liven things up considerably. Adding interesting facts to the usual spiel will make readers pay closer attention and stop their eyes glazing over with boredom. Which let?s face it is not uncommon when reading something online. Especially if most sites visited are saying more or less the same thing.

No one wants a lecture. Especially a history lecture. But research can uncover interesting snippets about what you have or do. The origins of it perhaps. Or the part such things have played in our past. Or even what happy accident resulted in the outcome as we know it. It doesn?t have to be complicated. Just light and breezy and done in a way that adds another dimension to the conversation.

The popularity of quiz shows is an indication of how much audiences like trivia. Especially when it?s done in a fun way rather than forced on them. Most people are happy to learn new things in such a way. While it?s not a good idea to go overboard with it, what?s to say you can?t make your copy just as interesting?

The more someone likes what they see the longer they?ll stay with it. Which gives you a better chance of being the one they choose to do business with. Especially if it?s done in a friendly and approachable tone of voice. It?s harder to ignore someone who?s made an obvious effort for our benefit.

If you?re still not convinced it?s a good idea ask yourself this. Would you rather be entertained or bored? And which one is most likely to stir you into action? Exactly. And your copy should be doing the same.

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