Or any other parts of the country come to that. But if you?re running a business away from the usual centres of commerce you might be finding it difficult to get noticed. Maybe creating your own blog could help.
Most companies are aware of the need to get themselves noticed. Although having your business online can open up avenues undreamt of in the past, it also means you?re up against increasingly stiff competition.
You may have come across blogs before, there?re thousands out there after all. Some good, some bad. They?re a great way of sharing information with people you?re not likely to connect with in the normal way. Although many of them are written on a personal level, many businesses are looking to them to add a new dimension to what they already do.
Although the West Country has more than picturesque views and golden beaches to offer, many people still think of it as no more than a holiday destination. Which is great for the tourist industry. But no doubt you?d like them to take a more open view. To realise you?re capable of providing more than what they expect. And are as professional and efficient as any other business.
Copy is the way you inform potential customers of what you do and what you have to offer. But of course it has limitations. A blog is a more personal way to talk to them about other things as well. And engage them without leaving them wondering what the catch is. Or what they might be letting themselves in for.
It?s a much more informal approach so people can react accordingly. Without the jargon and company speak to contend with, they?re more likely to realise you?re human after all. Not just a company mouthpiece. And of course you?re more likely to reach a wider circulation than you would if simply targeting copy towards a certain audience.
It?s also a chance to keep what you?re doing fresh and up to the minute. As long as you post your blogs regularly of course. Not only can you inform readers of what?s happening in the West Country, you can let them know it?s open and ready for business. And they don?t even have to pack their buckets and spades.

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