Predicting what?s needed in your copy. No crystal ball required.

You really don?t need to be a clairvoyant to know what?ll be expected from your copy. Just an understanding of customer?s needs. You might be offering the goods or service they?re looking for. But are you also supplying the right information?
If not you could be losing a lot of custom. Most people don?t just go with the first thing they see. Or simply take a chance it might meet their requirements. It needs a bit more from you before they?ll be willing to do that. No matter how good you are.
Some research for starters. Not just what sort of competition you?ll be up against. Or even if there?s a market for it in the first place. But also what will persuade people to take you up on it.
Just because you?re there doesn?t mean it?s a foregone conclusion they will. Unless you?ve given the sort of details they?ll need to know before they decide. You?ll know exactly what it is. But no one else will unless you tell them.
Writing copy is your chance to illustrate it in words as well as pictures. Something may look ideal in a photo, but scale, measurements, colour and all the other information will be harder to determine.
Would you buy a coat without knowing if it?s your size for example? Not unless you?ve got money to burn you wouldn?t. You?d expect to have all the information there in front of you before making a decision.
As would most of your customers. Whatever you?re offering has to be described in a way that leaves no doubt in their minds. All it takes is for you to become that customer. To imagine what you would be looking for.
You might be surprised at what you haven?t said. Or how complicated your site is to navigate. The fact is customers will be looking at everything from their point of view not yours.
To make your copy user friendly you have to predict what?s needed. And what isn?t. If you?ve shown you understand that, it?s only a small step to the next stage.
Making customers feel appreciated and worth bothering with leads them gently on to that. They?ll expect nothing less. And you don?t need that crystal ball to achieve it.

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