How a blog could help your Cornish business

Not just in Cornwall of course. Blogs can help any business wherever you are. But the further away you are the harder it can be to get your voice heard. Of course the internet has made it so much easier to reach a far wider audience than you?d otherwise have. You just have to convince people you can offer as much, if not more, than everyone else.

Once you?ve set up your site it?s copy that informs visitors what you have to offer. But by its very nature it can be quite formal. Mainly because you have to concentrate on the business side of things. Writing a blog can open up the knowledge people have of you, and show them you?re more than simply a business that?s appeared from nowhere.

Many people still think Cornwall is no more than a holiday destination. Or the perfect backdrop to tales of smuggling or other such adventures on TV. If you live here you?ll know it has far more to offer than that. Although it still has a unique charm of it?s own it?s not the backwater some people might think.

Changing those perceptions with a blog to compliment your site, can be the perfect way to introduce new ways of thinking. After all how else will they know? By talking to them about wider issues you can let them see you?re more than just a company mouthpiece.

Which let?s face it happens a lot in business. Mission statements and declarations of caring passionately about customers can ring hollow these days. Especially with big companies who seem to care more about profit than anything else. People are more willing than ever to shop around for what?s important to them, not faceless people laughing all the way to the bank.

If you live somewhere as beautiful as Cornwall why not share some of that local knowledge? The more people get to know you the more likely they are to trust what you?re telling them. It won?t happen by magic, you have to put some effort in to it. But at least they?ll know you?re not only serious about what you do but you?re human as well. Something that?s becoming increasingly important to a lot of people these days.

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