The relevance of copy for your business

If the only way you have to communicate is through a website, it stands to reason your copy needs to reflect that. More so than if you were dealing with customers face to face. Not only does it have to explain what you?re offering, but also has to be the face of your business. And more besides.

It might seem like a tall order. Unless you think carefully about how you go about it it?s likely to be a waste of time. At least as far as customers are concerned. You have to be all things to all people with only words at your disposal. No wonder then that each one has to be considered wisely.

Before you even begin you have to remember it?s the way you?ll be judged. Potential customers will only pause briefly to see what you have to say before deciding to stay or move on. The first few sentences will be the deciding factor. Unless they?re sure they?re in the right place they won?t hang around.

It might all seem rather daunting at first, but it needn?t be. Think of yourself walking into a shop and ask yourself what would be uppermost on your mind. Of course you?d want to make sure they actually sold what you wanted.

Then it?s a question of looking at the stock to see what appeals to you. A nice friendly assistant to ask for help if needed, and then a simple checkout process should you make that purchase.

Without those visual aids it?s your copy that has to do all the work. Let customers know straight away what you?re offering. Make sure you describe everything accurately. Be there for them throughout and ensure the business can be concluded simply and easily. In other words, the principals are the same wherever you?re doing business from.

It?s all a question of balance. Start off with the most important bits, and work your way down. But remember the order of priority has to be from a customer?s point of view not your own. Informal, friendly copy can speak volumes about you and your business. Just make sure it?s saying the right things.

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