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Copy shouldn?t be an afterthought

It might be way down the list of priorities if you?re setting up your own business. If it?s there at all. If it isn?t it should be. How else are customers supposed to know what you?re doing?

If your business is online it?s even more important. Without visual aids like shop windows to show what you do, you have to rely on copy to send out that message for you. Even if you provide lots of photos and illustrations, text is still needed to explain the finer details.

But more importantly what you can do for your customers. Although online shopping is more prevalent than ever, people are still wary about whom they do business with. The web is too anonymous to simply take a chance on complete strangers. The only way they can get to know you is through your communication with them. In other words, your copy.

Of course you need to describe exactly what it is you have for them. Colour, size, variations, and instructions to name but a few. Or what they can expect from the service they?ll be paying for. But they?ll need to know a bit more than that to take it further.

The more details you can give them without sending them to sleep the better. It?ll seem like too much trouble to try and get in touch with you themselves if you?ve missed out something important. In which case they probably won?t bother.
And of course don?t forget security. Potential customers certainly won?t. They?ll be looking to you for reassurance.

Although it?s the place to showcase your products and services, copy is also where they?ll see if you?re serious. Or if you?re trying to take them for a ride. There?s a big difference between a well thought out website and one that?s been thrown together. Which one would you trust?

Without customers you?ll just disappear like so many others. It?s up to you to persuade people to take that chance with you.
That?s why copy really shouldn?t be an afterthought. It might just turn out to be the most important part of your business.

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