Copy can be child?s play if you get it right

In other words it?s really not as hard to do as you might think. Providing you go into it with the right attitude. Something customers will pick up on only too clearly if you get it wrong. For one thing they?ll only be interested in what?s in it for them. And expect you to acknowledge that by writing your copy accordingly.

It doesn?t matter how good you think you are it?s their opinion that counts, not yours. Selfish of them it might seem but that?s the way it is.
And that really is the crux of the matter. No matter how much you might want to drum up business, unless it?s based on customer?s needs your copy won?t get the desired result. Writing it with only your own interests at heart won?t endear you to anyone. They only want to read what?s of interest to them.
If you?re reading something bland and uninteresting you start to skip bits of it. Before you know it you?re discarding more than you?re actually reading. Then you give it up as a bad job. With copy it?s unlikely to get that much consideration.
Minds are made up instantly. If the first couple of sentences don’t? hit the spot, that?s it. Potential customers will move on elsewhere. Quite frankly they won?t want to waste time on your site when there?re so many others to choose from. Written by people who understand how important it is to give them what they want without hesitation.
It really isn?t that difficult. There?s no crystal ball involved. All it needs is for you to be that particular customer you?re after while writing it. No doubt you?ve been one yourself on numerous occasions so you should know how it works.
You?ll know why you want a particular item or service. And what you expect from it. You?ll have specifications and details in mind when you go in search of it. What you don?t want is to spend the whole day blindly stumbling around looking for it.
Copy is no different in that it should supply that need to get the job done as quickly and painlessly as possible. Simple as that.

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