Don?t be afraid of plot variations, there?s still room for yours

If you?re thinking of starting to write you?re probably feeling rather daunted at the prospect. Especially if what you want to write about is already the subject of numerous books already. But don?t let that put you off.

There are only so many plotlines anyone can use. Whatever the genre you choose to write in there are only so many ways they can end. Someone dies or lives to tell the tale for instance. True love finds its rightful place or not as the case may be. To name but a couple of examples.

But it?s how your story gets there that makes it different to all the others. The setting you use can often be a vital part of the plot itself. As can the time of year, family relationships and all the other parts that make up the whole. Putting them together means you already have your own interpretation of a familiar theme.

You only have to read a newspaper to see how many stories can be told about crime or murder. Or situations and personalities we want to know more about. The same types of stories are there all the time, but still we keep reading them. Because each one is different to the others, if only in a slight way. And of course a lot of it depends on the reporter?s own take on things.

The characters you invent will have their own foibles and opinions, and ways of going about things. Just think of all the detective programmes on the TV. There?s a seemingly endless stream of them. And yet each one is different because of who plays the main role. It?s their personalities that makes us love them or loath them but keep tuning in anyway.

So don?t be afraid to tackle a subject that might already seem to be done to death. As long as you don?t copy anyone else?s work it?ll be unique to you.

However many variations on a theme there might be there?s still room for you to add your own. If other authors can make a success from it there?s no reason you can?t either. Providing you let your imagination to its job.

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