Advertising your website without driving people mad

If you?ve spent a lot of time and effort setting up your business, you naturally want it to do well. High on your list of things to do is probably advertising the fact you?re there and open for business.

We?re surrounded by adverts everywhere we turn. The options to get in there yourself are endless. From fliers to billboards, newspapers and magazines, pages are filled with the things. If you can afford it radio and TV are other avenues to explore. People might be fed up with them but adverts are obviously part of life.

You might be forgiven for thinking they?re a recent phenomenon. In fact people have been promoting their goods and trades almost from the year dot. From writing on papyrus to drawing pictures on notice boards, it?s been there. It?s obviously more sophisticated these days but has always been seen as a necessary part of running a business.

Of course if it?s online it?s a different matter altogether. Which is why you?ve tried so hard to make that all important title worth its weight in gold. Hopefully now your choice of words will help it get picked up by the search engines. But of course it?s the people reading it that?ll decide if you?re worth stopping for.

Obviously you can advertise your presence through the many media and social sites as well. Or write a blog as another way to connect with your audience. But if there?s one thing guaranteed to make people see red it?s the thought of advertisers taking them for fools.
Claiming to be something they?re not for instance.

Or offering so called miracle cures that aren?t worth the space they take up. If someone is looking for something they don?t want obscure illustrations or fancy words. Just the knowledge they?ll be safe in your hands.

However you advertise your site one thing is clear. The more honest you are the more notice people will take of you. Remember it?s as easy to click off your site as it is to change channels on TV. Only this time they?re not likely to come back another time.

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