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Copywriting shouldn’t be a one way street

If it wasn?t for customers you wouldn?t have a business in the first place would you? These days there?s far too much choice around for anyone to feel obligated to deal with someone they?re not happy with. The best way to get them on board is to make sure your copy is written with their interests in mind.

It might not be your idea of fair play but customers will always put themselves first. After all it?s their hard earned money they?ll be parting with. You know your business inside out and no doubt most of it is self explanatory as far as you?re concerned. But you?re not dealing with psychics and mind readers here. For the most part anyway.

The only way they?ll know how beneficial dealing with you can be is if you tell them.
Not in a boastful or arrogant way of course. No one likes a show off. Especially a selfish one. The fact is if you want people?s custom you have to work for it, not expect them to. Because they won?t. They just want an easy life with no hassle or inconvenience.

Which is why your copy has to convince them that?s exactly what you?re providing. But first your title has to alert them to the fact you?re ready and waiting. For most people there?ll be a specific reason why they?re looking for something. How can you provide the answer if you don?t know the question?

Research is the key to understanding those reasons. And providing the right environment for them to take more than a passing interest. Remember the only information they?ll have is what you provide. You can?t blind them with science. Or try and be too clever. If they can?t understand what they?re reading they?ll think it?s not for them. Or that you?re an idiot.

Copy has to convince customers to give you a chance. That you?re the right person for the job. And that their satisfaction is guaranteed.
It?s up to you to provide a service that?ll answer all their needs from start to finish.
After all, by its very nature a business is a two way street. Make sure yours doesn?t end up in a dead end.

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