So you want to create a blog?

Whatever your reason for doing it, if you want to create a blog you want people to read it. What would be the point otherwise? A business blog can help promote what you have to offer in a way that?s unofficial and informal. One that concerns particular interests means you can share experience and knowledge with like minded people.

But as with most things it needs to have some thought put into before you go public. If not it could be like throwing a needle in a haystack and expecting people to go looking for it. They won?t.

Especially if they don?t even know it?s there. One of the first things you have to consider is how you?ll get their attention in the first place. And what words will be most effective in doing that. As the title or headline is likely to be the first thing they see, it has to be relevant to them. And let them know what they can expect.

What they will be looking for is to be entertained. Not just by pictures and images, but by interesting content. Babbling on about nothing in particular isn?t likely to do that.
If you can teach people how to do things for instance, it?ll get interest from those who?d like to give it a try without committing themselves.

Being pro active is also vital in maintaining a relationship with your readers. The more people like what you do the more they?re likely to keep coming back. Being able to leave comments or queries makes them feel they can approach you without fear of ridicule. Provided you make sure to answer them of course.

Which is one of the great advantages of a blog. It becomes a place where your readers can feel part of something, and where you can make yourself heard without being constrained by business practices or limited ways of communicating. If it?s a fun place for people to find themselves in so much the better.

But don?t be too impatient. It takes time to become known and appreciated for what you?re offering. As long as you post regularly and consistently you?ll get there in the end.

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