Three ways to make your copy attractive to customers

Copy shouldn?t simply be thought of as a means to an end. It might well be the only effective way to let people know what you do. But the amount of online businesses there are means it has to be more than just a bland statement. For one thing it has to get their attention in the first place. For another it has to keep it.

Not an easy task when most browsers attention span would rival that of a goldfish. It isn?t that they can?t take in what you?re saying. Simply that it has to be interesting enough for them to want to bother. Here are three ways to help keep that all important interest in what you?re doing;

Make it relevant to the right customers.
The customers you?re hoping for won?t just stumble across your site as a matter of course. Or a happy accident. If they?re looking for something specific that?s where they?ll be headed. For the sites that make it clear they have just the thing they want. It?s time to put that research into practice. You have done that haven?t you? If not how do you expect to write your title and the resulting copy effectively? Knowing who you?re aiming for is the first step in writing copy.

Remember they?re not a captive audience.
Once a potential customer has landed on your site they?re under no obligation to stay there. It?s up to you to persuade them otherwise. No matter how friendly and fascinating your copy is, unless it?s telling them what they want to hear they won?t waste time listening. Whatever it is they?re looking for, the order of importance will start with knowing they?re in the right place. Followed by all the details they need without having to resort to guessing games.

It?s up to you to turn them into customers.
Just because they?ve deigned to you pay a visit you can?t assume it?s a foregone conclusion. They?ll decide if they want to join that happy band of satisfied customers not you. The whole package should be aimed at making that process an easy and pleasant experience. And of course safe. It?s a major concern for most people and needs to be acknowledged sooner rather than later.

For copy to be attractive it has to tick all the boxes. Which means thinking about what you?re doing rather than simply writing whatever comes into your head at the time. If you don?t there?re plenty of other copywriters who will. Guess who?ll be attracting those customers then.

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