Can a blog help your business?

The simple answer is yes. Many companies have realised it can add an extra dimension to their business and have set up their own. Especially these days when you have to use every available means to keep your website in the public eye.

While fierce competition is good for consumers it can make running a business online seem like an uphill struggle. If that sounds familiar to you maybe it?s time to think about writing your own blog.

If you?re still unsure about it, why not look at some of the ones already out there and see what it is that makes it a popular place for people to visit. Or not as the case may be. There are literally thousands to choose from.

Which of course means stiff competition from that quarter as well. But don?t let that put you off. There?s room for plenty more. It just means you have to be more creative in your thinking.

While copy by it?s very nature has to be informative and business based, you can still be friendly and approachable. But of course there are limits. With a blog you can really let yourself go. In the nicest possible way of course. Providing there?s more to it than simply an extra layer of self promotion.

You can connect with people in a totally informal way for a start. A conversation will garner better results than a sales pitch every time. Especially these days with global companies seemingly taking over the world. Who wants to waste their time having to visit a call centre to find out more about them? And still end up with nothing more than bland posturing for their pains.

With a blog you can become a person not a machine or company mouthpiece. You don?t need me to tell you who people would prefer to communicate with. And you can update it constantly. Keeping the content fresh will keep the interest going.

Your website may not get constant visits but your blog probably will. If you make it interesting enough for the people reading it.

So think about it. With your own blog the sky really can be the limit.

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