Starting a business in Devon or Cornwall? How blogging can help

Not that it can?t help your business wherever you live of course. But sometimes people think the West Country might as well be in the back of beyond.

And any business there can surely only be run on a small scale. If you need to prove them wrong, writing a blog could be just the thing to make them think again.
To someone living in the centre of a major city, Devon or Cornwall might only be thought of as holiday destinations. Somewhere to go with buckets and spades.

Or to simply get away from the rat race. While all of that might be true, if you want your business to be taken seriously you have to show them the bigger picture.
Preconceived ideas are sometimes difficult to shift. A blog is a friendly and gentle way to change their way of thinking. It isn?t like copy where you have to limit yourself to selling the product. This way you can sell the whole package.
It can be the friendly voice of business. Somewhere they can actually communicate with a fellow human being. Not only listen to your ideas but maybe share some of their own. All without the worry of committing themselves to something they?re not sure of.
It can also be fresh and topical. Without the restraints of more formal business plans or promotions. The more someone comes back to you to see what else you have to say, the more likely they are to understand what you?re doing. And where you?re doing it from.
These days? people can do business all over the world. Get in touch with someone at the touch of a button. And all while sitting in the comfort of their own home or office.
And more and more businesses are taking advantage of the chance to communicate directly with their customers. Something that becomes more important the bigger and more anonymous businesses become. So make sure you don?t the miss the boat.
The only way for customers to know what you have to offer is to tell them. To show them your business is as good as those in other parts of the country. Writing a blog will let them know exactly what they?re missing.

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