Cornwall as an inspiration for writing

Or anything else come to that. Cornwall has acted like a magnet for artists and writers for many years. With good reason. If you want to step out from the rat race to allow your batteries to recharge, where better to take a brief sojourn than one of the wild and windy coasts of the West Country? Most writers know the feeling of hitting that brick wall.

That dreaded moment when your imagination seems to have deserted you. When try as you might your brain refuses to do your bidding. Welcome to the world of writing. But of course it?s usually only a temporary blip.More often than not a short walk can help. An hour or two dead heading the roses. Or whatever else takes you away from that depressingly blank page. Sometimes you just have to forget about it for a while and wait for inspiration to return.

If you?re lucky enough to live by the coast you?ll know the benefits of a walk along the beach. A brisk sea breeze to blow the cobwebs away. And of course those beautiful sea views. Who can fail to be inspired when nature is there before you just waiting for you to share the experience with your readers? Although if you?re writing something set in an inner city it might not help with setting the scene. But descriptions of what?s in front of you is only a small part of it.The whole point of taking a break from your writing is a change of scene.

It doesn?t matter if it?s the other end of the country or the bottom of your garden. The advantage is you?ll be concentrating on something else. You won?t be sitting in front of a blank page or screen tearing your hair out. Which is a bonus in anyone?s book. Many writers will tell you to keep writing through. If your mind refuses to cooperate with the story in hand do something else. Anything as long as you keep going.

Whatever your opinions of that advise, it might just help. Describing that scene in front of you will stir your imagination back into action, even if it?s not what it was expecting. Which is the whole point.

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