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Is your copy sunny or overcast?

Talking about the weather is a great British tradition. It enables complete strangers to communicate about a common subject without worrying about the consequences. After all what else would people talk about? It?s something that concerns us all in one way or another. It can also affect our moods and general well being.

Unlike the weather your copy is something you can control. And it?s up to you to set the tone. The last thing you want is people to feel they have to keep one eye out for storm clouds. Bracing themselves for turbulence ahead isn?t conducive to wanting to deal with you.

Before writing your copy you have to anticipate why someone will want to read it in the first place. Naturally if they?ve visited your site they?ll be interested in what you have to offer. It?s the way you greet them on arrival that makes all the difference.

If you?re positive your copy will read that way. Which in turn makes potential customers feel the same. If you?re negative it?ll lower their mood considerably. With the outcome all too obvious.

It doesn?t mean you have to be annoyingly sweet and bubbling over with the joys of spring. If there are likely to be clouds on the horizon it?s better to point them out. At least that way customers can be prepared and not taken by surprise. Just don?t dwell on it to the extent they?ll wish they hadn?t bothered.

Like most things it all comes down to balance. After all you can?t predict what lies ahead. You can only do your best to make visiting your site a pleasant place to be. Being warm and friendly is a good place to start. If you seem approachable customers are more likely to respond. It?s human nature after all.

Most people will be feeling the financial pinch to one extent or another. They?ll spend more time shopping around for the best deals. They don?t want to have their noses rubbed in the fact.

Your copy will make customers decide if you?re worth their time and effort. If you?ve put them in the right mood it?s a big step in leading them to make that positive decision. Whatever the weather.

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