Tips for starting your own blog

Whatever your reason for wanting to start one, blogs are a great way to reach a wide audience. The number of them already out there might be putting you off, but it?s not as difficult as you think. Like most things it pays to plan ahead. Not so rigidly all spontaneity is lost, but just enough to make your blog the success it no doubt deserves to be.

Starting with who you?re aiming it for. Whether it?s a business venture or merely to share your interests with like minded people, you have to let them know you?re there. You?re not likely to get many visitors from passing trade. That approach might work on the high street or at a car boot sale, but online it?s a different thing altogether.

You know yourself what you?d type into the search engine if looking for something in particular. It?s those words that gets picked up and gives you the list of websites you?re looking for. Obviously that?s what you have to do in your own title. Make it clear what you?re offering.

As in meeting someone face to face, the way you speak to them will decide the way they respond. Getting someone?s back up in the first breath will likely ensure they avoid you from then on. That?s not to say you can?t be controversial or honest in your opinions. Invite debate if that?s what you want. You just have to consider their likely reaction if you do.

If someone does reply make sure you answer. It?ll build a rapport and let people know you?re still there and what they?re looking at isn?t simply a one off.
It should also be informal. It?s where you can have a friendly chat with people, not dictate what they should think. Or do. Sharing ideas and inviting others to do the same means more people are likely to join in. As long as you don?t ridicule those who do.

If it?s a ?how to? blog make sure you include lots of photos or illustrations. They?re far easier to follow than blocks of text. If it?s for business or pleasure, pictures make a big difference in how your blog looks.

And remember to enjoy creating it. If you do readers are likely to pick up on it and react in the same way. Then you?ll really be on the way to making your blog one of the successful ones.

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