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Website copy that talks to people

No doubt you?re good at having conversations with people face to face. Able to communicate your thoughts and ideas lucidly and without hype. But writing copy for your website needs to capture those elements and more.

Writing copy means you don?t have the chance to instantly correct yourself if you?ve got something wrong. Not when it?s been posted anyway. Unless someone points it out to you of course. Unfortunately not everyone will bother to take the time and effort to do that. You?ll just going on making the same mistake totally oblivious to the fact you might be making an almighty fool of yourself.

The same goes for skimping on details. With no one if front of you to ask for more information, you could be missing the main ingredients for effective copy. You have to think how potential customers would react to what you?re telling them. By considering the entire conversation and not just random bits of it.

It?s a sad fact that most people tune out those things they don?t want to hear. Or their attention wanders if they start getting bored. Politeness mean they?re not likely to rudely walk away and leave you talking to yourself. Hopefully not anyway. But they?ll have no such qualms on line. It?s all too easy to simply click off and go elsewhere.

Your copy not only has to be interesting enough for them to sit up and take notice. It also has to keep their attention long enough for them to consider doing business with you. If you?re not letting them know it?s worth their while, how will they know? It?s up to you to keep the conversation going, not them.

Naturally if it?s a subject they?re interested in the easier it?ll be to make them stop and listen to what you have to say. As long as it?s not the same old thing they?ve heard time and time again. If you?ve nothing new to add to it, find a different and more interesting way to say it.

The important thing with copy is to communicate with those reading it. Making it appeal to them in a way that won?t send them off yawning onto someone else?s site. And worse, make you one of those people they?ll avoid like the plague in the future.

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