Ten tips for writing a blog

Whatever you might think of them blogs are becoming ever more popular. Not just those written by individuals. Many businesses are now realising the importance of them in communicating with customers past and present.

If your business is online it?s a good way of letting people know you?re around, no bad thing given the amount of competition you?re likely to come up against. If you want to start your own here are a few tips to consider;

Read other blogs to get an idea of how they?re put together. Of course you?ll do things your own way, but it doesn?t hurt to see what?s popular with readers and what isn?t.

Make sure you have something of interest to say. It might sound obvious but it has to appeal to other people as well as yourself.

Let your passion shine through. With copy you have to be more restrained in what you say. With a blog you can let your enthusiasm loose with total abandon. Within reason of course.

It doesn?t have to be all about business. There is life outside of it you know. If you?ve a particular interest you?d like to share with others go for it. People are always going online to see how things work or get more information about something. If you can provide that you?re likely to get more visitors.

Don?t ignore pitfalls. If you?re writing a blog readers will expect honesty. If there?s a downside or mistakes to be avoided point them out. It?ll be appreciated by those wanting to do something similar.

Invite others to share their own experiences. Everyone has something to learn from other people. Even you.

Post regularly otherwise it?ll look like you?ve given up. If there?s nothing new to look at people will think you?ve left home and won?t bother coming round anymore.

Remember you?re supposed to be having a conversation with them not giving a lecture. The friendlier you are the more they?re likely to respond in kind.

Be consistent. If you change subjects do it in a way that won?t leave readers confused. If they read your blogs regularly they?ll expect to find a certain theme. Anything else should be clearly marked for them to find should they wish to.

Enjoy what you?re doing. If you don?t how do you expect anyone else to enjoy reading it?

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