Is your copy sinking without trace?

If it is you?re probably not reaching the right audience. Copy taken down to the bare bones depends on the words you use. You might think all you need to do is advertise your site and the rest will follow. It won?t unless you?ve given them something to go on in the first place.

Of course you want to tell the world what you?re doing and have to offer. That?s the point of writing it in the first place. But are you using words you think potential customers should listen to? Or words they want to hear?
There?s a big difference between the two. They?ll be looking for something specific.

They?ll put words into the search engine that?ll lead them to the corresponding sites. Not something that?ll happen unless their words match yours. You need to decide what they?re likely to be and make sure they?re in your title.
Forget it?s your business for a moment and think like a customer. No doubt you?ve been to a few sites in your time, so you?ll have done the same thing everyone else does. Taken the most relevant words and waited for the magic to happen.

You?ll also know how certain words or phrases can be ambiguous. When you?re confronted with a lot of sites that don?t even come close to what you?re looking for you try again. You make your search more specific and maybe choose different words. Or less of them to narrow the options that come up.
That?s exactly what?ll be happening with your site, and the reason the title has to be thought through carefully. But of course that?s only the beginning.

The first thing that should happen when someone gets there is reassurance they?re in the right place. Their minds will be made up almost instantly so you can?t hang about dithering. The first bit of doubt in their minds and they?ll be off. Probably never to return. After all if it didn?t seem right the first time round why should they go back for a second look?

Your business is about the customers as much as yourself. You can?t really have one without the other. Copy should be the same. Otherwise it probably will sink without a trace.

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