Ten tips for writing a blog

Love them or loathe them, everyone these days seems to be writing a blog. It?s a great way to learn new things or contact others with similar interests. It?s also a good way to add another dimension to promoting your business.

Without the usual constraints of normal copy, your blog can attract people who probably wouldn?t normally give you a second glance. If they?ve even noticed you in the first place. Here a few tips to get you on their radar;

1) It might seem obvious but first you have to decide what you?re going to write about. It doesn?t matter if it?s a subject you?re passionate about, or to share information about your business, you have to have some sort of game plan. Random ramblings are not going to work for most people.
2) Because of the vast number of blogs out there you might think your title has to be complicated in order to compete. Not so. Something simple and to the point can make it stand out all the more.
3) You need to post regularly. It?s the only way to keep the content fresh and relevant. If you want people to follow you they need something to keep coming back for.
4) Let them know you welcome their comments and feedback. And make it easy for them to be able to do it.
5) Don?t pretend to be something you?re not. Most people will be able to spot a fake a mile off. Once that happens you?ll have lost all credibility. Something you?re not likely to get back.
6) Be friendly. It should feel like you?re having a chat with them, not giving a lecture.
7) Offer to share information. You won?t know everything even if you think you do. By accepting ideas as well as giving them you?ll be able to build a community of like minded people.
8) Don?t be spiteful if you receive negative feedback. It might be tempting to respond with all guns blazing but think of how it?ll look to others. They might be too wary of incurring your wrath by daring to communicate with you in the future.
9) Be original. It?s supposed to be your blog not merely a rehash of other people?s.
10) Enjoy doing it. If you do it?s more likely people will enjoy reading it.

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